Ciro Gomes and our class

On March 7 in Brasília, Ciro Gomes participates in his first event with independent supporters. The former minister, who has intensified his agenda of university events in the last two years and has increasingly mobilized youth, proposes the active participation of the population in the discussions on solutions to the serious problems that the country is experiencing.

The Internet, a dynamic and increasingly diffused instrument, has increased the potential for political participation. Ciro Gomes spoke several times about his enchantment with his fierce online militancy, or as he says, his "gang". This group began to take an interest in the debates proposed by Cyrus by various means, whether by attending their lectures, in person or by YouTube, by some indignant interview or by memes (who does not know "Give Billion?"). Totally organic, the class has been spreading in social networks and beyond.

In this first face-to-face meeting in Brasília, this diffuse and organic support gives more evidence of its strength and organizational potential. Fully promoted by civil society, the event is organized by the TodosComCiro Platform and with the support of the Time Ciro Gomes page, and aims to gather these supporters outside the online environment and discuss Brazil!
Reinforcing the invitation: Ciro Gomes day 7 from March to 1 am, at the Teatro dos Bancários, in Brasilia.

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The event will have the participation of Ciro Gomes and together we will discuss the importance of society to mobilize for the political transformation of Brazil!

More information in the video below:

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