Ciro Gomes to be opportunistic or not

I, Gabriel Lima, campaigner of the Ciro Gomes and a participant in the youth of the PDT, I also missed Cyrus there with me. It was the PDT's greatest opportunity to get its hands on the PT, PSOL, PCdoB and reaffirm a leftist front against the coup. I missed the voice of Ciro with Lula on the palanques where Manuela D'Ávila and Guilherme Boulos played. I missed it the moment I met Lula, hours before his delivery to the federal police, that Ciro was at my side. It was time for the union, had to kill Marielle for the PSOL to see the importance of this and as we know, with Fascism do not play.

But I was inside the union, in the madness of the moments that happened there. My passion stood out from my rationality and today, at home, reflecting on everything, I looked at why Cyrus was not there: intimacy.

Ciro supported Lula in all his elections (98, 2002, 2006 and 2010), not only supported, he was his economic team as minister of state in the first steps of the PT's management. Ciro was the greatest articulator of the Northeast when the "Mensalão" exploded. No one remembers, but Lula came to suffer severe threats of impeachment from sectors of the right that already there showed their claws and Ciro next to many good people did not allow.

Ciro was in Lula's possession as president and was at his side the day after his departure from government. He campaigned for Dilma. Not only did she campaign, she articulated again all the votes in favor of the former president in the face of the coup. He was with Dilma on his early departure from the government.

You do not say that, but at the congress the PDT postulated the name of Cyrus for the presidential race for the first time, Dilma was there, confirming that Cyrus was her second, one of the main warriors against the politicians who took the same from the Plateau.

Ciro elected the PT to the government of Ceará.
Ciro elected deputies of the PT by the state of Ceará.
Ciro, with all his political capital, entrusted and transferred to the PT his votes in all presidential elections.
How is Cyrus opportunistic? At the very least there was a mistake of not being with the former president when the history of our country was drawn. But even that was not a mistake.
I explain: there were several factors for Ciro not to be in São Bernardo do Campo and I will raise them here.

1) Locomotion: Moro decreed 17 from Friday the Lula prison. At that moment Ciro Gomes was leaving in New York on his way to Harvard. Ciro, no matter how much money he has, has no private jet. To save money for such an ungrateful campaign (45 days the size of Brazil), it has been traveling on commercial class flights for some time. If he decided to return there at that moment, his departure could only be on Saturday, when he would be the speaker of Brazil's biggest discussion event outside the country. Then he pondered.

2) But it was not decided, there was a possibility of his return. Cyrus then, on behalf of the entire PDT, sent his brother Cid to St. Bernard. Yes, friends. Cid was not only there, as it was the dawn with the former president on his first night of seclusion at the ABC metalworkers' union. Cid took all of Ciro's solidarity with Lula who welcomed him and Cid there with his own, transmitted the message to Ciro to stay and denounce the coup at the "Brazil Conference", a Harvard event to discuss our country.

3) Youth present: all the youth of the PDT were the more than 30 hours that Lula was in São Bernardo do Campo. A youth who, with all the difficulties of the sudden moment (slept on the floor, without food and water - because they cut the water of the establishment and was difficult to access food) remained until the last moment with the former president. Were we warmly received by whom? Gleisi Hoffmann, who gave us access to Lula integrally, showing the importance of PDT in this process. We were also there representing Cyrus.

4) Brazil Conference: no one talks, but Ciro was on the same panel as PT's national vice president Alexandre Padilha (who also did not return). Not only of Alexandre Padilha, of Flávio Dino, one of the main cadres of PCdoB who also decided to stay. Ciro abdicated all of his staff that would speak at the event and reported 100% what happened in Brazil at that time. He left his plans to talk about Luis Inacio. Is this opportunism?

5) The phrase that the coup-monger said: "I am not a pushover of the PT": again distorting Cyrus's words, the question that was addressed to him was - "Why did not you be * in THE LAST * acts of the former president Squid? - See, friends, the question was not addressed to the event of St. Bernard, but to the caravan and other events where Manuela D'Avila and Boulos beyond that moment, also met on a platform with Lula. Ciro in the stress of the inquiries (visible by his reaction by an improper collection of someone who wanted to put him as the villain of the moment) answered the one who answered. And in fact it is not PDT's strategy to follow PT's path in the first round of elections. This does not mean enmity or that we are right. It means that we have another strategy of the game that is given.

6) The importance of denouncing the coup to the international media: The main speech of the PT and its president, Gleisi Hoffmann, was that the world would see Lula arrested and that this would make Brazil stand in check with international society. And who again was ahead of reporters from the four corners of the world in the United States? Ciro Gomes! Do not you really see the importance of him not coming back?

7) The bottom line: as everyone knows, there are hierarchies in political parties, and any politician who wants a party that is totally and totally respectful of its base. And the basis of the PDT decided for Cyrus to stay. Ciro released a public note, in a collective denounced Moro and his decision and dedicated a whole panel to Lula. That was our decision.

8) Last but not least, intimacy: Ciro knew that Lula would give himself up and not choose to turn St. Bernard into a war-place. If anyone had doubts that Lula would surrender, Cyrus would not. And for having all the updates of the youth and open dialogue with Cid who was there, he followed the whole situation and spoke with Lula on the phone. You do not know, but Cyrus called Lula. As a legalist and law professor, he believes the moment will be reversed in the next STF decision that second instance prisons are unconstitutional.

Ciro has been and will somehow be with Lula until his last steps.
There is Lula in the political project of Ciro Gomes.
There is Lula when Ciro decides that the main key of his political plan is the fight against inequalities.

Let us not reproduce what the right and fascists want: the breaking of our ties. We will see the importance of Ciro being there, with Padilha and Flávio Dino denouncing the coup internationally.

Cyrus, the last thing you are is opportunistic.


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