Ciro Gomes Issues Note On Brutal Assassination of Marielle Franco

On the night of 14 / 03, in Rio de Janeiro, an alderwoman was executed with her driver in a crime of macabre proportions that immediately sensitized the whole country. Your case is extremely serious and we must collect the necessary due diligence. The sense of impotence increases when we learn that the councilwoman was denouncing the misdeeds of the PM in Acari and the increase in the intensity of these malfeasances with the federal intervention in Rio.

An activist unhappy with inequality and abuse of power in Rio, the councilwoman was murdered with 4 head shots. The driver, who had a "beak" to support the family, was also victimized at the time. Their names were Marielle Franco, fifth most voted alderman by the PSOL in the city of Rio de Janeiro, and Anderson Gomes.

We reproduce, below, a note issued by Ciro Gomes on his Facebook page on the tragedy:

"Since last night I have been following the news about the brutal murder of councilwoman Marielle Franco and her driver Anderson Gomes in Rio de Janeiro. This is a serious situation that needs to be assessed quickly and in depth. His struggle for a fairer Brazil and against discrimination must be wielded by even more Brazilians and Brazilians. My feelings are with Marielle and Anderson's family, friends and fellow combatants. "- Ciro Gomes, 14/03/2018

Our feelings and prayers are with Marielle and Anderson, victims of the institutionalized and generalized violence that already reaches levels such that not even the weight and consequences of the actions that give space have measurement, allowing the occurrence of a crime so cold and bloodthirsty that, despudora and shamelessly sends a message to society that can not intimidate us. Let justice be done and the facts established, and nothing invalidates the struggle that Marielle has adopted as his against the abuses committed by public officials (which we know haunt many points of the country). #MariellePresente

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