To Ciro Gomes and other leaders - How many heads will want the hungry animals that devour Brazil?

In the past week, again they were able. Our well-known nature is to nurture hope even with a drop of dew. This time, we thought hopeful that we would breathe a moment of justice, but showered them with the same venom.

Again, we issued communiqués about our belief that the Constitution it would be fulfilled with justice - right, we must guard ourselves in what we speak and be, at the same time, vigilant. The truth is that hours later, once again, they were able.

We seem to overestimate the possibilities of a respite amidst the madness of the coup, and then we face hours of hopelessness or panic: if they were able to do all this, how far could they go in this year of elections, not let emerge in the country any leadership that touches the scandalous bases and unequal of Brazil ?

Getulio, Jango, JK, Brizola - all wanted and were so often insulted. Dilma, caused by the blow with the impeachment without crime of responsibility after a momentary attempt to shake some benefits of the Brazilian "stock exchange banker". Lula, a former president, persecuted, convicted and imprisoned. Further proof of what has been in force so far, under uniforms or togas : Our Republican times unfortunately have rewarded with violence, persecution and injustice those who dared to do good to the country and the Brazilian people.

If the temporal cut of our analysis takes the last 100 years of Brazil (which is a short time for History), we will see that, even with successive resistances, our attempts to independence , in sovereignty it's from dignity have been devoured. Now, we seem to come to an unparalleled extent, for it is striking the difference between the kind of battle waged by those who have nothing, struggle to have something, and those who, having advanced in their destiny, struggle not to be eliminated precisely because the enemies already glimpsed the power of our potential. This seems to be the case of Brazil, which, from a colony and empire country, is now fighting to assert to the people that it has already been friday the world's largest economy, in 2011.

How can we continue in this dispute? If the animals that devour Brazil will continue to ask the heads of future leaders to stand up against the real problems of the country, what kind of coping would be able to resist To this?

At present, among the pre-candidates of the progressive camp, research shows that Ciro Gomes the best chance to vote, being ahead of the other pre-candidates from the same field [see video 1 at the end] and being ahead of the possibilities [video 2] which the workers' party could have without Lula in contention.

And it is not uncommon to see, among those who are already mobilized by the pre- Ciro Gomes , the fear that, with Lula's departure from the front of this battle, may be Cyrus the next coveted by the insatiable appetite of the animals that devour the country.

However, to the hope of those who support the pre-candidacy of Cyrus and his discussions on introducing a new national development project , the confrontation of Ciro Gomes differs from what we have seen in Brazil until then with our leaders.

Emblematic example that sums up this ability is when Ciro Gomes comments on being "A goat marked to die" [video 3] , when he says he will go to "Break or be broken" [video 4] . At the moment we are, Ciro understands that it is necessary to confront, rather, the interests of finance that oppose the interests of the Brazilian people, of who works and who produces.

Cyrus proved that he has the boldness and bravery to name and fight head-on against some of the famished animals of the coup from the first moment [video 5] . Suffice it to recall the processes he faced against José Serra, Eduardo Cunha, Michel Temer, for example. Such processes are a sign that he does not back down, he will not be silent in the face of the abuses committed by these figures.

These, moreover, figures that feed on the crumbs of the coup, while some who devour Brazil as the main dish would also have risen against Cyrus [video 6] according to the former governor. It is also interesting to note how some species of the financial market have already touched the alarm [text 7]   for Ciro, while others (the media) have the strategy to silence it.

Was Cyrus who said in all letters that dialogue with their antagonists will exist insofar as they subordinate themselves to the interests of the population , to the interests of who works and who produces [video 8] .

It is by his posture that he is facing the battlefield that Cyrus already mentioned that she was also outraged by the reaction of former President Dilma during the impeachment . For Ciro, it would be absurd for the former president to count only on the smoothness of a personal and political trajectory and with the hope that the population would realize it, in the coping of hungry animals that sought his head.

After having helped in the successful confrontation that was made in the attempts of blow during the criminal action 470, again, was the conduct of Cyrus who in 2016 caught the attention of the people, people who did not even know him at the time, by the way denounced the blow in progress at that moment. In this period, the confrontation that a good part of the population wished to see in Dilma was manifested by the speeches of Ciro.

Each individual must tread the paths that he is able to tread, not what we want for them, just as each person must resist with the means he has for it. One does not want to disregard the pressures that other leaders suffered in their time, which was certainly immense, but rather to say that the examples of failure and the lack of direct confrontation teach to those who will not play with the country, and this is the case with Cyrus.

Trust in intelligence of the people , communicate directly with him, be able to indicate to his indignation the true evils, all these are possible ways. It is no wonder that Ciro Gomes comments on the need to join the people in the face of this type of threat. The indignant population is increasingly frustrated with resisted restraint, submissive appeasement, the momentary hope that everything will be resolved with beautiful street acts, postings on social networks and good hashtags . When the republic is taken, the insistence on behaved republicanism is the same as submission. Future leaders need to know another kind of confrontation with the same hungry animals.

If the time comes for the hungry animals that devour Brazil to ask the heads of other leaders of the country who dare to do good to the people, that they be careful, because they will be able to find there those who can handle them.

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published by Bloomberg and translated by UOL that read: " Ciro Gomes has no doubts about pushing all the wrong buttons for the financial markets ".

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