Ciro Gomes led more Twitter topics on the first night of the Freedom Forum

Ciro Gomes participated in the first night of Freedom Forum last Monday (09 / 04) and, already during the event, it appeared at the top of the most treated subjects in Brazil ( trending topics ) according to Twitter .

The former governor was present at the panel "Meeting with Chairpersons" and laid out the foundations of a new National Development Project which has been debated by him for years. The event took place on 09 and 10 days and is known to bring together politicians, entrepreneurs, economists and activists in line with neo and ultraliberal political parties and ideas. In spite of this, Ciro Gomes was widely applauded by the audience accompanying the event when speaking of his project for inclusive, national and popular development.

Other participants at the event, such as the banker João Amoêdo, Marina Silva and Flávio Rocha, opted to take their written materials already prepared and speak according to them during their presentation. Instead of opting to read the written text, former Governor Geraldo Alckmin consulted his material during a moment of the presentation and Henrique Meirelles, in turn, tried to recount accomplishments of his managements without, however, to stand out among the present public.

According to the organizers, the purpose of the panel would be to give each presidential candidate the opportunity to address within 15 minutes of their " country project ". Ciro Gomes described his proposal, and in the end he mentioned terms 3 great tasks to be faced: the indebtedness of families and companies (which may even generate a banking crisis in Brazil, as he warned); the Brazilian fiscal crisis and the structural issue of industrialization O . " If Brazil celebrates a great dialog O , turn that game around! "Said Cyrus at the end of his speech.

Even at the beginning of the event, when he had not yet appeared, the former Minister of Finance and National Integration was already at the top of the Twitter in Brazil, since was addressed by youtuber connected to right-wing groups , Arthur of Val and, by a movement of his that touched the neck of the boy with one hand when retiring, was accused by groups, like the MBL, of a "tapa". The day after the indictment, several videos published on the Internet showed that the video youtuber had been edited to look like a faster, more intense movement.


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