Ciro Gomes and the strength of an idea whose time has come

The political and plutocratic strategy of forcing public opinion in Brazil to no longer be effective is that its country was not able to produce new leaders in those years and to insist that all forces gravitate around the same central political group. In Brasília, on the 07 of this month, not by chance Ciro Gomes recalled during the event organized by the platform #TodosComCiro a phrase of the French writer Victor Hugo: " Nothing stronger than an idea whose time has come ". There was a vibration in the audience at that moment, a general sensation of witnessing an important historical moment in the country.

A few days after the official launch of the pre-candidacy of Ciro Gomes, the idea of ​​a new National Development Project as the guiding thread of the debates needed this year seems to be installed, as well as the repercussion around the main political leadership that has dealt with this subject, former minister and former governor Ciro Gomes. Several online newspapers, TV channels, social movements and political groups now report on Cyrus' ideas more often. We must remain attentive, thoughtful and at the same time open to frank and forceful dialogue. In fact, historical time seems to have brought strongly the ideas advocated by Cyrus, for several reasons.

One of the reasons lies in the exhaustion of neoliberal perversion, "sold as a good science" in universities, in think tanks, in closed events to the barons and their young talents. Years of financial speculation, deregulation and the political game of renaissance in Brazil are truths that have come out of the box. Faced with the aggravation that we are experiencing, our own population revolts and rejects the result of a scenario armed by neoliberal talents, real " specialists without spirit ", Unrelated to the reality of the country.

There was also the opening of the performance of a Brazilian physiological political group, which came to power illegitimately, betraying the interests of its own people. But the prominence they acquired in the country's institutional powers left them enough evidence that we could know their names, recognize their interests and their parties-factors that perhaps would not be marked in the Brazilian's memory if that group had continued to act in the shadow of governments . It is under the sun that the rot now undoes slowly, though it leaves countless damage.

The investigations on corruption also brought the population the seed of a collective learning important because they undermined the idea that there would be a divine market and a demon state. Underneath the belt of meritocracy and the triad of talent-leadership-management (so repeated by the career plans of large corporations), men have been hidden with rudimentary, unprofessional and corrupt practices, often as "modus operandi" of entrepreneurship.

Of course the investigations have also planted another seed, from danger of a state of judicial exception, which has generated persecutions, has risked our sovereignty with the destruction of companies, jobs, reputations and foreign jurisprudence that do not serve us, to mention some of the evil . Against this we will have to fight a great battle, but one gain of the investigations was to have made explicit that the economic field, business and the market intertwine in the corruption.

A political cycle that has been successful for more than 13 years, under which a generation of people has grown and emerged, has also been exhausted. How to maintain a left front in which the same party is the head for 20 years, in a country of more than 200 million people? In a Brazil inserted in the global semi-periphery , changes in society are felt quickly, almost as if we were a great laboratory of tests for the conflicts in the 21st century, and after years, the truths and proposals that the country demands to know can no longer be given by the same political actors who they carried out the achievements that we had from 2003.

Exhaustion of neoliberalism, a breakdown in the physiology of a Brazilian political group, the exhaustion of a successful political cycle and the ideas and dangers of investigations against corruption. The crises in fact indicate a period when the old is dying and the new one could not yet be born - but soon you will. We must remember that these situations, parts of a panorama of acute crisis, at the same time raise other strong ideas, present in the Brazilian debate for a long time, and which now have become central.

One of the ideas that has reached its right time seems to be labor , pillar of the party of Ciro Gomes. The historical process in crisis has made labor again have explanatory and propositive weight for the future of societies all around the world. This is because, more generally than ever, there must be a greater balance between the labor forces and the forces of capital, under the risk that the whole institutional arrangement of modern societies will collapse.

The emergence of a new fraction of the class, called the "new middle class" or the "new working class" (the "Brazilian strugglers"), also brought about the fact that the improvement of the quality of life of the population is profound and lasting . For this, the need to discuss inclusive development becomes stronger than ever , which means going beyond reindustrialization, to have as the north the Brazilian nation and its fractions of class, that is, turned also to an intense " investment in people "As Cyrus states. Or an inclusive productivism - as Mangabeira Unger points out - that Brazil is able to set the world as an example.

The time also shows the need to recover the feeling of nation , which does not mean to feed xenophobic aversions, but rather to crush viralatism, the idea embedded in the head of Brazilians that we would have a genetic defect or a "way" that would prevent our people from having a dignified life.

Brazil must face its destiny of being great. It's time. Many voices are being silenced, by the violence with which the old times will try to keep. It will even be that there will be manipulation of emotions, data analysis and strategy forced on the networks or on the streets capable of reversing the popular will and contain a nation that has waited for centuries for a destiny that knows to be yours? Let's resist, with the strength of an idea that has come to its time.

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