Ciro Gomes gives statement on Lula's arrest

Ciro Gomes spoke about the decision of TRF- 4 and Fedora Judge Sérgio Moro a few hours ago and sent a message of solidarity to former President Lula:

I am following with much sadness everything that is happening with the former president and my friend Luiz Inácio Lula da Silva. For me, and for many Brazilians, especially the poorest, for whom he has done so much. I hope that the next resources can promptly as possible establish their freedom. An important part of the country in which I include myself, you can not see justice, much less balance in such a bitter providence, as long as they remain unnoticed corrupt notorious of the PSDB. "

In addition, Cid Gomes, Ciro's brother and former governor of Ceará, was with former president Lula earlier in the Lula Institute. Then Cid and Lula, accompanied by Senator Gleisi Hoffmann and Federal Deputy José Guimarães, went to the Metalworkers' Union in ABC, meeting with trade union leaders.

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