Ciro Gomes and the union of the progressive camp

This week, Fernando Canzian and Fábio Zanini TV Sheet , Ciro Gomes analyzed the electoral scenario of 2018 and the so-called "disunion of lefts", partly as a result of plant of intrigue produced by the press itself. For Ciro, the strategic mistake of the progressive camp is fundamentally to understand that the right-wing candidate (PMDB / PSDB) would already be defeated in advance, and that the dispute would then be for hegemony in the center-left of the process.

In the opinion of the former minister, our discussion agenda should focus on the great task that we will face: to win the electoral process to stop the catastrophe and delivery itinerary that has hit the country in recent years. In the words of Ciro Gomes: "What is at issue does not seem to be what really matters: Brazil's fate and the possibility of this anti-people, anti-poor and anti-national agenda being legitimized by vote. This is what should move us and should be the great cement of our unity. "

As usual, Ciro used data to explain his position: the delivery of our infrastructure platforms to foreign capital (oil and 60 million Brazilians with negative name of SPC / SERASA , the 2 trillion reais that Brazilian private companies are in debt and the 62 thousand homicides in the country in the last 12 months.

These are the strategic interests that, aside from electoral processes, we have to keep in mind when we put the terms of the debate. For, what matters most, we are on the same side: the national side and of the social policies .

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