URGENT: Ciro Gomes expresses about the shooting attack on Marisa Letícia camp

At dawn Saturday Camp Marisa Letícia, who is watching in Curitiba for the freedom of Lula, suffered a gunshot attack. So far there are news of two injured, at least one is in serious condition.

Ciro Gomes made a statement about the case, charging him with severe damages, also recalling the murder of the city councilwoman Marielle Franco and the shooting of the caravan of former President Lula. Moreover, it was considered intolerable that violence be used as a form of political expression. Check the fullness of your note on social networks:

"It is absurd to attack militants in Curitiba. We can not tolerate that violence be used as a form of expression of antagonisms in politics. It is imperative that the Paraná police clarify and bring to justice those responsible. The lack of punishment for those who murdered alderwoman Marielle Franco and for those who attacked the bus of the caravan of former President Lula, also in Paraná, allows crimes such as these to be repeated. "

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