Ciro Gomes stands out in the Freedom Forum; meanwhile, MBL accuses "slap"

It is not today that some groups try to promote a personal offensive against Cyrus. On April 2016, the Right to Brazil Movement offered R $ 2 to anyone who harassed Ciro Gomes, when the former minister was seen in a restaurant by an administrator of the movement on Twitter. Contrary to common sense, no demonstration on the part of movements entitled Liberal and Democrat condemned the attitude against the former governor of Ceará.

Yesterday, on 9 of April of 2018, in the Freedom Forum, however, another attempt at an offensive made by a self-described movement of "right" and "liberal" was put into action when Ciro Gomes was accused by youtuber Mamaefalei of "physical aggression" on the grounds that Cyrus would have given him a "neck."

Before we go straight to the claim this time, we must know the context: who is the boy in question and how he approached Cyrus. This is Arthur, owner of the channel "Mamá Falei" on Youtube and "iron head" of the MBL in matters of pedantry and harassment of public figures or demonstrators of the left. Behind the youtuber boy, is a figure who builds his fame on the internet simply by antagonizing any progressive figure and calling himself a "liberal" understood of economics and politics. For his posture and behavior in environments of political connotation, such as when he tried to defy a protest of municipalities against the mayor of Porto Alegre for cuts in education, Arthur was even arrested by the police.

Yesterday, on the day of the event, Arthur approached Cyrus, pretending to be a voter, and began to ask questions that immediately aroused Cyrus's suspicion that he was a member of a political field other than the center-left. At the ready, after the decontextualized questions, the former governor tried to distance himself from the youtuber, but the boy insisted on another question whose motivation was also more decontextualized phrases of Ciro who tried to polemize.

It was then that Ciro turned to leave the interaction and touched the boy's neck with one hand and, to refuse the offensive questions, asked him to "stop being shit", distancing himself. The "liberal" youtuber, then, intensified the tone and continued pouring off rumors originating in rumors circulating the image of Ciro Gomes. It even led her, for example, to insinuate that Ciro had physically assaulted his ex-wife and currently his elect, actress Patrícia Pillar. Further proof of the kind of casualty with which these groups are able to act to try to take from Cyrus an unfavorable conduct.

In a tone of alarmism similar to the polemic of the paper ball, the youtuber and related groups rushed to spread tweets bragging that "Arthur Mamaefalei" would have been "assaulted" by Cyrus. The result was that, while Ciro Gomes stood out with the best presentation among the presidential candidates present at the event that night, the groups connected to the youtuber tried to focus on a "neck" or slap, not sparing video and audio resources for that .

They did not have the repercussion: the internet, however, vocally distrusted the complaint and laughed at the victimism and bad taste of the one who tried to put himself as a victim.

Later that same day, a video of the incident was released and suspicions were confirmed: even for those who were waiting for a reaction against the offensives of these groups linked to Arthur, unfortunately, the first necktie " presidential "Has not yet happened and has been a movement of those who tried to break away from yet another attempt to focus the ideas and proposals of Ciro Gomes.

According to Zero Hora journalist Débora Cademartori, Arthur still tried to raise his arms and apologize to Cyrus for the mole, at the end of the event, but was ignored amid the crowd around the pedestrians.

Check below the video explaining the edition made by the youtuber group:


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