Fake news and gravel in the elections of 2018

Perhaps the only certainty of this election is that fake news disseminated on the internet will play a relevant role in defining the votes of some people. In fact, this kind of news has always been present in elections , being spread by the traditional media, by order of the powerful of the time (when the powerful was not the own owner of the means of communication).

The peculiarity of the present moment is the possibility of decentralization of the production of false news. As much as reluctantly relies on the neutrality of the algorithms that regulate the flow of information on the internet, privileging candidates and ideas from some ideological field (or those who pay more), and the certainty that large companies in the field of information technology will work to distort this flow of information in favor of whom to hire them, the production of fake news on an anarchic scale, can slash some of the blockages and cause problems even in baronial sponsored applications.

The war to fight them, one by one, will be fruitless by the volume and speed with which a lie can be created and spread through the net. And this fight would still have to take place at several levels, since some fake news are accompanied by "evidence": phrases cut out, sometimes incomplete, taken from context, photos assembled, testimonies forged etc. Definitely, the lie has no more short leg and, to a greater or lesser degree, the elections will be marked by this stretching of your legs.

A video of the supposed gold porsche of a candidate's son, or an altered photo, that exchanges a healthy, unfiltered Marlboro for a marijuana cigarette, moves fast through Whatsapp, causing insurgents to revolt, and enthusiasm for malicious intent. Flashy titles still accentuate the lie and, formulated in the spirit of the click baits (clicks), increase views and shares.

In the inevitable world of post-truth, the way left is to prepare the population for this reality. It is necessary to build a new relationship with information - to distrust, to verify and, mainly, to resist the temptation of the comfortable life in the bubble that the Internet allows, where the opponents assume the monopoly of the defects and the allies are sanctified. "Gentle is to man the bread of lies, but afterward his mouth shall be full of gravel." (Proverbs 20:17)

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