Ciro Gomes wants what for Brazil? Strong state and innovative economy

The top ten most innovative economies in the world have only achieved this position with a strong state aligned with the private sector and its universities. Ciro Gomes already showed how to get there. We need to start moving in that direction.

O Ranking of Innovative Economies is no ranking built by protectionist research centers or developmental centers. Quite the opposite. It is a ranking produced by Bloomberg, and is easy to find on the internet.

This year, for the first time the US was not included in the ranking two most innovative countries in the world . Neither is the list composed of neoliberal countries (which new , nor is it liberal , as we all know). The nations that have remained at the top have been successful because of their policies to encourage research, innovation, and technology. There is no secret.

First is South Korea, for the fifth consecutive year. Semiconductors, smartphones, digital media equipment, and their automotive industries, developed over the past decades with a insistent government support results. The other countries on the list are Sweden, Japan, Finland, Denmark, Germany, Switzerland, France, Israel, South Africa, and Singapore. All of them with a very strong state.

Ah, and before those new (non) liberals come to try to deconstruct this truism with the argument that Singapore is an example of a free market and so it is in the list (even being the only one), we have to show the truth:

It is true that when we read about Singapore in the mainstream media we are sold a free-trade country and a positive reception with the foreign investor. But what is not said is that 90% of the country's land is owned by the state. 85% of the houses built are owned by the state. 22% of the country's GDP is produced by public enterprises. Singapore has a pragmatic model of economics. It mixes free market elements with socialist elements. They are pragmatists.

Ciro Gomes has consistently, over the last decades, shown this to the Brazil . Through his books, his participation in debates, his lectures and interviews. The whole planet knows this. This is how the entire developed world has achieved high incomes, high productivity, innovation, and a significant increase in human development indices.

We can not now fall into this lying fragmentation that has been built in Brazil. As Deng Xiaoping, the former leader of China, said: "I do not care if the cat is black or white, let him be good at getting rats."


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