Gathering who works and who produces - IBGE data and the sequence in the lives of emerging people according to Ciro Gomes

The IBGE released on Thursday (17 / 05) quarterly results of the continuous PNAD and the figures show that missing work to 27,7 million people, which is estimated to represent 3% of the total number of workers. This very high rate refers to "underutilization of the labor force in Brazil", a category of research that shelters the following different scenarios: people who are unemployed; people available to work more hours (but not finding this possibility); those who would like to work and those who sought a job but whose life situation proved unavailable.

According to the Brazilian Institute of Geography and Statistics (IBGE), the number of discouraged , that is, the population that gave up looking for work. This category also involves different situations, such as the following: people out of work because they do not have experience or qualification; because they are considered very young or old; because there is no job offer where they live; or the lack of an appropriate job opportunity.

The data sound an alert in the country and, at the same time, show that the reconciliation of Brazil with its future will go through a country project that emphasizes a inclusive productivism , that is, to make the Brazilian production more dynamic and distributed in order to include and shelter with dignity the citizens that are included in these different scenarios, giving a possibility of employment, improvement in the quality of life and, mainly, more stability for the families and companies .

"Bringing together Brazil that works with Brazil that produces" seems to be the path and that is what Ciro Gomes has affirmed as the National Development Project debated by him.

But the emerging worker needs to be aware to differentiate this from the common sense of various politicians when they simply talk about " economic growth for the country ": What is necessary is not only to increase the numbers of the total wealth, because what matters now is the cost of which the numbers will change, that is, the important thing is that the wealth of the country must be in the service of a diversified production industries, services, agriculture and commerce) and that can serve the quality of life of society in general.

What Ciro has debated means to move the factors in order to stabilize and deepen the positive changes of the emerging people. And correct misfits that have not been corrected to this day. How it is important to simplify and then detail , 6 points show how the sequence in the life and work of the emerging people goes through the ideas that Ciro Gomes has debated, given that Ciro:

  1. is in favor of reviewing the huge amount of budget that is spent on one expense only;
  2. has long designed how to reinvest in industries (small, large, complex) and create jobs;
  3. defends an intense "investment in people";
  4. he does not want to be a "guru of manners";
  5. understands the issue of national security in the right way, without hatred;
  6. encourages greater participation of the population in political decisions.

The stability of the achievements of the emerging classes in recent years would now be change economic and productive environment. This is what the workers, new entrepreneurs, small businessmen, and the middle classes already identified within them as a necessity. However, knowing this, many groups will try to generate chaos to make a path that before 2016 seemed quieter.

The population needs to be attentive to the debates that the country needs this year.

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