In an interview, Ciro evaluates the Election Scenario of 2018

Em uma das últimas entrevistas de 2017, concedida ao Jornal do Comércio do RS, Ciro avaliou a conjuntura eleitoral e as falácias das políticas neoliberais aplicadas no país, que se acentuaram após o impeachment.

Asked about his poor performance in the polls, Ciro says he is a well-trained politician who has already won election starting from zero against a candidate with 36% before the start of the campaign. "Does anyone believe Jair Bolsonaro resists? Does anyone believe that the governor of São Paulo, Geraldo Alckmin, has 6% of the votes? I disregard research and work. You are talking to the next president of Brazil, wait and see. Election majority is resolved the day before. "

Regarding the political articulations, he informs that he is talking with the PSB and PCdoB. About the PT, he says that "they will not support me, as they do not support anyone. It is also symptomatic that the largest and most important party in Brazil does not have a second name. "

As for alliances with the center-right, it discards any support from the PMDB, but states that it defends a national development project that needs to interact with diverse forces to become viable. "I'm going to ask the people a lot not to send me to Brasilia with my hands and feet tied up, I'll ask them to vote for federal deputies and senators who have an affinity with this set of strategic values. But at the same time, I already affirm: whoever the people elect, it is with him that the people will negotiate. I'm from the branch. "

To end neoliberal policies, he proposes to change the course of fiscal management of previous governments without producing deficits. "The Country with me will take the decision to grow, and the Central Bank will pursue lower inflation to full employment. Where are we that the president of the Republic can be anyone, but the BC can not have interference? "

Em relação à venda das estatais a estrangeiros, perguntado se isso não seria parte inerente das políticas neoliberais, arremata: “Esse negócio de vender um país não é neoliberalismo. Isso é canalhice pura e simples.”

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