Cyrus, Manuela and Boulos: dialogues in the progressive field

Three pre-candidates for the presidency of the call progressive field have been in a debate promoted by state legislative assemblies last week, Ciro Gomes from Ceará, Guilherme Boulos from São Paulo and Manuela D'Ávila from Rio Grande do Sul. Apart from the few differences between them and their speeches, in which the different emphases are perceived due to their political trajectories, partisan and even personality affiliations, the programmatic convergences are evident.

The discrepancies between them are natural because they are alternative country projects and even desirable within a democratic process, but less definitive of their speeches than the similarities. His speeches are grounded, with different nuances, in the structural understanding of the Brazilian crisis and its deep roots in the acute distributive conflict suffered by the Brazilian State. This conflict, which, as Ciro points out, compromises more than half of the public budget with debt and interest paid to the banks and, in the words of Boulos, "sub-tax" the same financial system that weighs heavily on the population. poor the middle class.

Another point of convergence was the highlight of the current "failure of the federative pact", to which Ciro always refers and was approached by Manuela D'Ávila. According to the MP, there needs to be a "new vision on the federative pact" in which it is understood that "the union will not solve the country's problems alone" and, on the contrary, states and municipalities legislations and regulations unilaterally, weigh on the regionalities disregarding their important specificities.

All three stressed the importance of this dialogue in their social networks and the fact that they shared much more proximity than programmatic differences. In this sense, it is important to point out that this moment of the electoral process is precisely that of debates, proposals and respect to the diversity of proposals. Understanding that the existing differences are natural and positive, but does not prevent dialogue for something greater, that unites us, the genuine concern for the fate of the Brazilian people. .

Above all, the candidatures of Ciro, Manuela and Boulos show that, in spite of the moment of turbulence and disbelief, there are in Brazil quality political frameworks with which we can count.

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