Ciro Gomes and some important debates this May

The discussions held by Ciro Gomes have won Brazil and it seems that the strategy of silencing his name and the new National Development Project discussed by him. This May, Ciro Gomes will participate in various events organized by the journalistic field, printed or television. Please check the information we collect for you:

08 / 05 (beginning of tuesday):

Interview on Free Channel

Opening hours: from 00 h20

Transmission: via canal Bandeirantes

08 / 05 (tuesday):

Dialogue with presidential candidates

Location: Oscar Niemeyer Theater, Niterói (RJ)

Hours: from 14 h

Transmission: via UOL online

21 / 05 (monday):

Sabatina leaf of são paulo

Hours: from 10 h

Transmission: via UOL online and SBT website

28 / 05 (monday):

Interview with Roda Viva

Hours: from 22 h15

Transmission: via TV Cultura

At a time when many people still follow the political TV or by large print media , the presence of Cyrus in these events is fundamental.

At the time of each of these events, we will announce to our family and friends and invite them to attend, so that we can present the ideas of Ciro Gomes to people who have not yet had the opportunity to meet them.

** Some of these events can be transmitted on the official page of the platform #TodosComCiro by Facebook . Stay tuned!


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