Ciro discusses problems of municipalities and federal pact

This week, Ciro Gomes was in the municipalities of Caçador (Tuesday, 27 / 02) and Xanxerê (Wednesday, 28 / 02) in Santa Catarina in meetings and debates with the population and their representatives.

In Caçador, discussions in ACIC took place in relation to the development and reality of Brazilian cities and, when asked about the solution for Brazilian municipalities to have more participation in resources, Ciro Gomes explained the broader context that gave rise to several problems currently faced by municipalities .

According to Ciro, the Constitution of 1988 was generous from the point of view of the Brazilian federal pact . But since 1988 the situation has been transformed, mainly for two reasons: the increase of the interest rate and the distortions in the social security area, with the impact of these factors (until now not seriously faced) for the public debt.

The rise in the interest rate and the privileges of some categories in the social security area exploded public debt, which reached more than 70% of GDP at the end of the FHC government, says Ciro. This galope debt generated insecurity in the country and affected the tax burden because, according to Ciro, the most shocking was that the government at the time, in the possibility that the revenue is not enough for the country's expenses, did not act directly on the debt , but increased the Tax Burden with the creation of "contributions" - instead of "taxes."

The situation of worsening in the municipalities was completed because, at that moment, the tax burden was increased in "contributions" that, unlike taxes, do not necessarily have a shared tax collection between the entities of the federation, that is, PIS, COFINS and during a certain period CPMF are examples of taxes that, in the way they were created, would not solve the revenue of the municipalities and states and intended to cope with the Brazilian domestic debt, but maintaining interest rates.

Ciro points out that this problem will only be solved with a new fiscal design for Brazil who also needs a new federal pact . To this end, it proposes an in-depth dialogue between the presidency of the republic, governors, a representation of mayors and even councilmen. Also according to Ciro, if there is no agreement after this period of broad debate, the correct thing to do is to call the Brazilian population to join the decision, through plebiscites or referendums.

An important point in the debate was also when the former governor commented generally on his view that municipalities and states are legal and administrative structures to share the tasks, although the reality lived by the population is that of his nation (since we share the same currency, the same system of taxes, penal system, for example).

Already in Xanxerê (SC), in an interview after ACIX event, Ciro Gomes left a request to the Brazilian people: "we need to demand from all the candidates that they debate what matters, and what matters is employment, salary, retirement, public health , coping with corruption, coping with violence - at least in consulting the priorities of our people. "

*** On the official website maintained by Ciro Gomes on Facebook, it is possible to check the videos and records of the discussions, often with live broadcasts.

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