Debate with Ciro Gomes on AMCHAM-SP day 14 / 03

Ciro Gomes will be in São Paulo on the day 14 / 03, to speak at the American Chamber of Commerce for Brazil . Ciro will inaugurate the meeting that AMCHAM will hold with the presidential candidates this year.

The former governor of Ceará and former minister will be at AMCHAM-São Paulo on Wednesday, 14 / 03 starting at 9:00 am, sharing his vision of the country and presenting proposals to those present.

The PDT pre-candidate is the first guest in the "Your Country, Your Decision" discussion series. Presidents + 2018 ".

Local: R. da Paz, 1431 - Chácara Santo Antônio (South Zone), São Paulo - SP

Information: (11) 4688-4102

Date: 14 of March

Schedule: H at 11 h

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