Ciro Gomes warns 'investors' of the delivery. 'Do not come shopping. It will return everything to the possession of the Brazilian people '

Asked about the reaction of businessmen when he claims to be against the sale of companies such as Embraer and Eletrobrás, Ciro Gomes explained to the journalist Rafael Colombo, in the program Canal Livre (08 / 05), his reasons and his conduct on the during this period of discussing pre-nominations opinions:

" It is transparency in the game and a behavior absolutely averse to a certain type of investment "Said the former governor in reference to his conduct and to foreign investors in search of Brazilian state assets. " Because no country in the civilized world delivers its water regime to foreign capital. No country in the world, having the power of oil that Brazil has, ceases to administer it in favor of its national strategic objective . Because it does not make sense, it's as simple as I'm telling you ".

Ciro commented further on his strategic transparency when debating issues like this. " I am trying to warn the foreign investor that one of the pre-candidates thinks this way, transparently and clearly, so that tomorrow he will not come to claim that he was deceived by the Brazilian society. That's all I'm doing. Do not come to buy [the state-owned estates in question and oil fields], because if I am president, everything will be returned to the possession and ownership of the Brazilian people with the correct and adequate indemnities ".

On the same day, journalist Kennedy Alencar published in his portal excerpts from the interview given to him by the current president of Petrobras, Pedro Parente, who commented on the speech of former governor and pre-candidate Ciro Gomes. See the image below:

Contrary to what Parente claims, Ciro and several other political leaders and experts have said that it would be beneficial to use the potential that Petrobras already possesses to participate in the exploration of the pre-salt fields, and in that sense, one does not necessarily speak of "keeping reserves "- as Parente said - but rather to encourage and invest in an industrial oil complex, that is, not only to extract and export crude oil, but also to refine and processing of its derivatives (fuels, paraffins, synthetic polymers).

The idea is to use this enormous potential of petroleum resources to spin the national gears: with the training of Brazilian labor and companies that can enter the production of items and services of the industrial oil chain , making Brazil a producer of goods of greater added value in this sector (highly strategic for any country).

From this point of view, the current government's rush to liquidate the pre-salt reserves, even at low prices and with services from foreign companies, prevents Brazil from taking advantage of this wealth potential as much as it could and, therefore, , it is considered that the current management of Petrobrás is driven by entreguismo and by conduct that directly injures the best interests of the people in its own scarce natural resources.

As the controlling shareholder of Petrobrás, the national executive branch, representing mainly the President of the Republic and its appointed employees, has a strong say in the contracts signed by the company, which, as Ciro Gomes says, can be broken down under the clauses and indemnities which are provided for in each negotiation.

It remains to be seen in what terms were the negotiations of the government Michel Temer and the tucano Pedro Parente in the delivery of the Brazilian oil of the pre-salt to the foreigners and with how much, in terms of payment of indemnities, the most recognized company of Brazilians' patrimony will have to to recover the oil exploitation of our own people.


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