Ciro Gomes comments on intervention in Rio de Janeiro

"Things are not easy for Brazilians. In no area. Now we have to understand the federal intervention in public safety in Rio de Janeiro. Nobody doubts: the motivation is petty and politiqueira. The political failure of the ill-fated pension reform that has nothing to do with reform is an irresponsible bet in an important center of political irradiation to remove from political absolute illegitimacy a government characterized by an anti-people, anti-national and metastasis of widespread corruption.

But it corresponds to a generalized supplication of the Brazilian society that walks with fear and with the most just complaint of its impotent rulers in face of the crime and the banalized violence and of the increasing audacity of criminal factions organized and empowered by years of connivance and omissions of governments of the main Brazilian states in its origin.

The general assigned the painful task, Walter Braga Neto, is the best in our military. Seriously, competent and with a high public spirit, you must have the support of all of us. But you must know clearly that without the right means, without deep institutional innovations, without a convergence with a public ministry and a judiciary that is very different from what we have, your job is at stake, on the average. Powerful nations have long wanted the defense forces of countries like Brazil to abandon their institutional mission to become public security forces and fight against drug trafficking. We can not accept this!

Corruption in the police apparatus in Rio, and Brazil will seek ways to relate to the Army. Repelling the enemy is a very different task from blaming and convicting criminals. A young soldier killed by militias, by corrupt police officers or by phalanxes of drug traffickers and / or criminal factions is a touching fact that we can expect when getting troops without any training in public safety.

I really hope I can work, but I doubt it! "
Ciro Ferreira Gomes
Posted on your Facebook in 16/02/2018

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