Critical to Petrobras' current management, Ciro Gomes comments on fuel

In his official website maintained in the social network Facebook, Ciro Gomes pronounced on Thursday (24 / 05) on the high of the prices of the fuels, reason of the stops by all the country between truck drivers and workers of the transport of charges . In his debates on a new National Development Project, the labor pre-candidate frequently emphasizes the essential and strategic role that Petrobras and the entire oil industry (including the production of fuels) could and should be occupying in Brazil . In the post, Ciro Gomes once again made explicit his criticism of the company's current management:

" The rise of fuels is an aberration that virtually denies the raison d'être of Petrobras' own institutional existence. The pricing policy adopted is wrong and disrespects its cost structure. All the efficiency of Petrobras should be transferred to the Brazilian public interest and this is what we are going to do "

Days ago, in an interview with journalist Kennedy Alencar, Pedro Parente, Petrobras 'current predecessor, tried to counter some of Ciro Gomes' criticisms of his management at the company.

Contrary to what Parente claims, Ciro and several other political leaders and experts have said that it would be beneficial to use the potential that Petrobras already possesses to participate in the exploration of the pre-salt fields, and in that sense, one does not necessarily speak of "keeping reserves "- as Parente said - but rather to encourage and invest in an industrial oil complex, that is, not only to extract and export crude oil, but also to refine and processing of its derivatives: fuels, paraffins, synthetic polymers.

Management that understands the strategic role of Brazilian oil and its derivatives could make the country less dependent on fuel imports, lower costs of these products, and generate jobs on Brazilian soil and train qualified professionals to occupy these positions in refineries, for example .

For Ciro Gomes, it is necessary to use this enormous potential of petroleum resources to turn the national gears: with the training of Brazilian labor and companies that can enter the production of items and services of the industrial oil chain , making Brazil a producer of goods of greater added value in this sector (highly strategic for any country).

The decisions taken by the management of Pedro Parente (affiliated to the PSDB) at the head of Petrobras now lead to an increase in the cost of petroleum-derived fuels in Brazil, since, as a result of this management, the country has closed refineries, it has stopped producing fuels and has to import such products. As a result, prices are more susceptible to the fluctuation of the exchange rate with the price of the dollar, for example.

Ciro Gomes 'understanding of Petrobras' role diverges profoundly from the current management model. The former minister, for example, has stated that "[11] no country in the world, having the power of oil that Brazil has, ceases to administer it in favor of its national strategic objective . Because it does not make sense, it's as simple as I'm telling you ".

In discussions that they have participated in, Ciro has gone further and announced in a transparent way its position on the concession of pre-salt exploration fields to foreign companies : " I am trying to warn the foreign investor that one of the pre-candidates thinks this way, transparently and clearly, so that tomorrow he will not come to claim that he was deceived by the Brazilian society. That's all I'm doing. Do not come to buy [the state-owned estates in question and oil fields], because if I am president, everything will be returned to the possession and ownership of the Brazilian people with the correct and adequate indemnities ".

As the controlling shareholder of Petrobrás, the national executive branch, representing mainly the President of the Republic and its appointed employees, has a strong say in the contracts signed by the company, which, as Ciro Gomes says, can be broken down under the clauses and indemnities which are provided for in each negotiation.


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  • Fabiano trotta 24 / 05 / 2018 Reply

    Perfect analysis of Ciro Gomes!

  • marco antonio latorre 25 / 05 / 2018 Reply

    I think it is very important for a candidate to take positions, and to make clear to the voter and society their thinking and goals. I am sad that an alliance between the PDT and the PT has not yet been possible. I think the new alliance between PT and PMDB is nonsense, because the country projects of both seem to me antagonistic. Faced with the impossibility of the candidacy of our great Lula, I am happy with Ciro's disposition and nationalistic ideals, as well as his identification with the same ideals cultivated by the PT of Lula and Dilma: respect for the Bolsa Família Program, for example valorization national industry, respect for labor rights, hunger, child mortality, etc. I hope Cyrus grows up in the polls and fights the second round, and to become our next president. We need a country with less social inequality, more just and solidary. I think I said too much ... but I think I could speak even more, because our dreams for Brazil, and for the future of our people will looonnnge! Good luck, Ciro!

  • Emir kings of araujo 27 / 05 / 2018 Reply

    Comments well placed and pertinent ... Just forgot to reaffirm what I have always said, that what is happening with the management of Petrobras is a classic and real example of the bankruptcy of the neoliberal model, which will be recorded that the Brazilian population rejected it, not only the left, but especially the valiant truckers with right-thinking, however unthinkable.

  • Emir kings of araujo 28 / 05 / 2018 Reply

    It is clear what I have always said about the bankruptcy of the neoliberal model, because what is happening with the management of Petrobras and its pricing policy is a real example of this, and that it will be recorded that the Brazilian population rejected it, not only the left, but mainly the valiant truckers with right-thinking, however unthinkable. CIRÃO can be the one that will end this division between coxinhas and bologadelas.

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