Day 24 / 03 has Ciro Gomes in Belo Horizonte

Ciro Gomes will be in Belo Horizonte on the day 24 / 03 participating in the Darcy Ribeiro State Meeting in Minas Gerais.

The event is aimed at mayors, deputy mayors, deputies, councilors, municipal presidents and militants of the PDT of Minas Gerais. The presences of Ciro Gomes, Carlos Lupi and Mario Heringer are confirmed and lectures on party organization, elections and political reform will be held.

Date: 24 / 03

Time: 08:30 h at 14 h

Venue: José de Alencar Auditorium, Minas Gerais Legislative Assembly - Rua Rodrigues Caldas, 30, Belo Horizonte / MG

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