Ciro Gomes crosses the barriers of the mainstream media

Although Brazil has been circulating since at least the impeachment process of former President Dilma Rousseff (which he characterized as a "coup" against national popular sovereignty), Ciro Gomes never had much space in the big press (on channels such as Globe , O SBT Or the Band ), except for some interviews here and there, with Globe hardly making any mention of the former governor.

Recently, Ciro was received by the columnist Monica Bergamo, SP sheet , and came back to stand out in the newspaper of São Paulo after some time without proper attention (considering that he is a former minister twice in office, former governor and former mayor of capital denouncing serious nonsense in the country).

However, having announced its pre-nomination, unanimously accepted by its current party - the PDT - it was difficult for the great channels to ignore its existence. Thus, Ciro Gomes had his reencontro with the newspaper presented by William Bonner.

O News dedicated a minute and thirteen seconds of time to the former minister in the report that announced his name for the dispute with the Planalto, emphasizing his proposals for fiscal reform and social security (not to mention the one also mentioned by the former mayor "tax reform") and reproducing a passage in which Cyrus criticizes the excess of advertisements and lies that infest the Brazilian political debate, besides claiming to represent all the Brazilians who care about the country.

Besides the JN , O SBT also announced the pre-candidacy of Ciro Gomes. In a similar way to the case of Globe , the Ceará received a minute and fifteen seconds in the channel. However, he paid attention to his criticism of inequality, accompanied by a press conference in which Cyrus denounces the unequal space occupied and wages received by women compared to men, as well as the unequal condition of the black and poor populations of the country, much more victimized by the growing violence that Brazil condemns.

At the end of the report, opened by the controversial anchor Rachel Sherehazade, Cyrus says that he wants "the support of all Brazilians who, being poor, have the right to see change, or, not being poor, have a genuine solidarity with the poor because they have not exchanged their hearts for a piece of stone."

What will be the political coverage of the major television media in 2018, especially on Ciro Gomes, at an election time when television no longer fully dominates the debates and can not as before silencing issues of interest to the country?


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