In 2017, Ciro Gomes mobilized the Brazilian youth

During a period of many setbacks in the country, it has still been common to hear commentators about the "apathy of the Brazilian, especially the young," who will go through more difficult paths as citizens after so many opportunities have been withdrawn (study, work and belief in the policy, among many others). But perhaps we should doubt this apparent "apathy of the young": if we do not see them on the streets in demonstrations, this does not mean that they are not seeking new spaces of resistance or new debates and alternatives for the country

Despite what it tries to silence the mainstream media (and, unfortunately, part of the progressive media of the country), in 2017, Ciro Gomes has been able to mobilize youths in an important way, and their willingness to be present in debates and dialogue has been valued throughout the country. It was only in this period that Ciro was in Brazilian universities (in some of them, more than once) from the different regions of the country, at the invitation of the students themselves most of the time.

Events were organized as round tables and lectures, in which it was possible to present a country view and the need for a new national project (a kind of diagnosis and also a prognosis for the situation that the State is experiencing today). Ciro's participation also involved direct dialogue with young people and everyone present, in questions that he always answered. These are about 2 h events, in which Cyrus exposes, argues, proposes and, as a result, mobilizes those present around his ideas. All in all, we can assume that there were at least 8 hours of public speaking per week, something that very few political leaders are willing to do, especially nowadays, when speeches on social networks do not go beyond 2 minutes or videos previously recorded and trained by politicians.

The participation of Ciro their willingness to engage in dialogue with young

impress, that was impressive at 2017 and will certainly yield good results this year. Crowded auditoriums, queues to enter, people watching sitting on stairs or even on the floor were common scenes over that time.

What other political leaders see as "a risk" or a type of insertion that could expose their faults and difficulties to a critical audience, Ciro did as a necessary part of the course of someone who is really prepared to create a current opinion in Brazil : speak and mobilize the Brazilian youth.

Due to the low representation of the population in higher education, we know that having been present in the university space is not enough to say that Ciro has mobilized all the Brazilian youth. But the fact is that many people who were not live at the events also accessed the videos and records of lectures with Cyrus on the internet - the search data by politicians on the internet show this growing interest in him.

THE mobilization of Brazilian youth around the events and ideas of a political leadership must be recognized. Cyrus achieves this because he dialogues with frankness, passion, indignation and hope, the same vibration of the young Brazilians today - without apathy. Last October, when he was at the inauguration of the Luiz Carlos Prestes Memorial (RS), commenting on the example left by the "Knight of Hope", Ciro left an important question: "And you, young Brazilian of today, what will tomorrow be remembered as Prestes?"


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