Filmmaker confuses #TodosComCiro in criticism of Ciro Gomes in GGN

The week of public speaking and Ciro Gomes was of great repercussion, and also because of other political events, as the ideas preached by the labor pre-candidate are more widely publicized, there seems to be a growing amount of false news and misinformation about journalism (of all nuances political-partisans) over Cyrus.

It was published in the GGN Newspaper this Friday (11 / 05) an article signed by Marcelo Laffitte with criticisms to Ciro Gomes, with the title " All with Cyrus or Cyrus with All? ".

In his text, the filmmaker retakes the partisan trajectory of the former governor and affirms that he intends "not to make any value judgment", just "to point out some facts". The problem, this time, was in the erroneous information provided by him and in the selection of facts which, in itself, already shows a judgment of very critical value and little informed about Ciro Gomes.

For example, the mention made of the party's trajectory is only chronological, forgetting to contextualize the motivations of Ciro Gomes in this period and instilling extreme negativity in the fact that Ciro has changed sides. How is matter devoid of any "value judgment" like this? The filmmaker could give his readers a chance to reflect on the motivations for political leaders to change sides when they think they should retain their ideology and political commitment to their own ideas.

The text was corrected and updated at 12 h02 but at the time of publication it also stated that in 1998, Cyrus' goal was " to run for the Presidency of the Republic in the first direct post-dictatorship election, and was placed in 3 position. "Although he intended to point out only" facts ", before the correction the author made a mistake and ignored the 1989 and 1994 elections as two direct elections for the Presidency of the Republic that the country held in the post- dictatorship. In the update made, this misconception has been corrected and the text simply quoted that the goal of Ciro Gomes in 1998 "was to run for the Presidency of the Republic and was in the 3 th place."

In the end, there is even more erroneous information, when Laffitte states that Ciro Gomes has as current " slogan of ca Spain " the expression " All with Cyrus ". In this point it is shown the lack of information of the author on Ciro Gomes, his ideas, actions and the groups that support him.

In fact, the expression "#TodosComCiro" gives voluntary and independent mobilization that has been made around Brazil to engage people around the National Development Project , debated by Ciro Gomes some time ago. That is, it is not about slogan , much less of expression belonging to the campaign or pre-campaign official of the pre-candidate labor. In addition, it should be emphasized that this is a mobilization among several other actions that are also very relevant.

Articles and confusions like this are uncommon to the articles published by Jornal GGN, by the renowned Luis Nassif. But fortunately, this year's democratic process provides time and opportunity for citizens to review points of view, to know more ideas, and even to soften their more hidden value judgments.

However, news such as this indicates that even respected digital journalism unfortunately still ends up silencing the actions of a chain of very spontaneous opinion, in which various profiles and social groups participate, which supports the ideas discussed by Ciro Gomes.

Perhaps it is time to stop the polarized dispute between the party bureaucracies, their representatives and articulistas more affectionate and to begin the moment in which we look at the population. It is necessary to seek to know what the people have thought and carried out, as you have tried to react in the light of the solutions you want for Brazil. Let's move on, because the debate can greatly improve!

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