Antonio Neto, president of CSB, receives the Plataforma Com Com Ciro

This weekend before Labor Day's 1 May Day, the #TodosComCiro Platform team members came from various places in Brazil to São Paulo in an immersion to intensify the activities and development of the Platform.

Representatives of the group met with the president of CSB (Central of Brazilian Trade Unions), Antonio Neto, historic union leader of information technology professionals.

Antonio Neto received the Platform with enthusiasm at the headquarters of the Union of Workers in Data Processing and Information Technology of the State of São Paulo (SINDPD), whose building takes the name of the founder of Brazilian labor, Getúlio Vargas.

The informal and humorous conversation dealt with the national political situation, the pre-candidacy of Ciro Gomes, and the role that the #TodosComCiro Platform plays in boosting the debate on the National Development Project.

The members of the Platform explained the results that the mobilization has reached so far and presented instruments and news that are being launched to further leverage the struggle for the National Development Project discussed by Ciro Gomes.

Antonio Neto, president of CSB, with the Plataforma Com Com Ciro

Photo: Marcel Beiner


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