Alegria, Ciro - music stands out in the networks, and Forum gets confused when reporting

The #TodosComCiro platform has carried out a voluntary and independent mobilization that seeks to engage people in a new National Development Project , discussed for some time Ciro Gomes . Since the year of 2017, the actions of the platform have intensified and today mobilizadores of all the states of the country participate. However, mentioning on Monday (28 / 05) the platform's most recent collaborative action with the song " Joy, Cyrus! ", The journalist Felipe Martins, News , ended up being confused and later corrected the present information in the matter " Ciro Gomes wins jingle with version of 'Joy, Joy' by Caetano Veloso ".

Last Sunday (27 / 05), the song "Alegria, Ciro" was released, a song consisting of a parody version of "Alegria, Alegria" - composed by Caetano Veloso at the end of the year of the Brazilian musical movement known as Tropicalismo.

In " Joy, Cyrus! ", The mobilizers sought to mention recent ideas and actions of Ciro Gomes across the country, as well as a way of paying homage to the existing relationship between the current labor pre-candidate and Caetano Veloso, who has for years Cyrus's ideas .

However, in reporting the mobilization song in a matter of Monday, journalist Felipe Martins reported that the song had been released by the " official site of candidate Ciro Gomes ", In ignorance of the actions of which thousands of people have participated independently and voluntarily by the country.


Subsequently, the information was corrected and the matter came to inform that the music was divulged by "a platform of support to the candidate Ciro Gomes".


With the adequacy of the information, what can be concluded, besides the attention and readiness of the News in informing the true facts, is that mobilization has been prominent in networks, although journalism is still sometimes confused and does not know how to report these hundreds of spontaneous and simultaneous actions, groups and online pages that involve the new National Development Project debated by Ciro Gomes - previously, an article published in another newspaper also got confused when reporting the platform.

This is the third song released by the platform #TodosComCiro, which seeks, with actions like this, to energize the mobilization and touch the subjectivity of people in a playful and jocular way - and with references of Brazilian popular culture, it is good to emphasize. After all, although many have forgotten, the political debate can still be made in a purposeful way, without offense, with joy.


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