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The TodosComCiro platform is an initiative to encourage the population to qualify the Brazilian political debate. Its work is autonomous and independent of public and private institutions, and part of the need to inspire in civil society critical political engagement, incorporated into the daily lives of all. Bringing Brazilians together around this constructive and constructive dialogue can be the way that can elevate politics to the prestige and seriousness demanded for the development of our country.

Great question! In fact, we believe that the current conjuncture of the country demands a national project to develop progressive ideas, with mechanisms of participatory democracy and, above all, with a leadership really capable of starting a new political cycle in Brazil. In our view, these dispositions can be found in the positions of Cyrus and in his political trajectory so far. You can understand more about what we have in common with Cyrus   ON HERE   and   ON HERE .

No , the platform is a project   independent , of Brazilian citizens (students, workers, teachers and any other categories of work that allow such adhesion). With this, we do not intend to represent Ciro Gomes officially.

No , the Platform is a movement not linked to political parties and character   supra party . It seeks to catalyze in civil society the production of proposals and solutions to the problems that haunt the Brazilian reality.

We are not part of campaign or pre-campaign politics. We are not hired by anyone and do this work voluntarily.

We disseminate ideas and develop content, support independent events and mobilizations, and promote political and social engagement, always based on the causes and ideals defended by the platform. In general, we seek to foster debate in civil society and encourage critical thinking in the population.

Since we do not represent any party and do not officially represent Ciro Gomes, it is important to make it clear that we do not consist of a party communication channel, press office or something similar.

We also have as principles not to insult, attack and / or offend individuals and / or political groups. These are actions that   We do not make   and with which   we do not understand . The #TodosComCiro Platform believes in the democratic coexistence between ideological visions and distinct political affiliations.

The platform is made feasible in a collaborative and voluntary way by the mobilizers themselves. Our employees support the platform financially and also with work, with knowledge and with efforts for the platform to materialize. The smaller of the contributions carries in itself a great value!

Our platform is open to your participation. If the values ​​and purposes described here converge with yours, come and help us! First, sign up as a mobilizer. From this, we will contact you to discuss how we can count on your engagement, with the aim of increasing our mobilization and for a national development project.

You can become a mobilizer by signing up   ON HERE .

If you would like to help further, you can fill out the registration form to join our team.   ON HERE .


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