Ciro Gomes "planned to kidnap Lula in the case of the former president's arrest"?

DO NOT. In fact, this distortion has spread on the internet for visibly defamatory purposes.

Understand the context that originated the lie
In a speech in the middle of October, Ciro stated that if Lula was arbitrarily arrested at that time, he would be willing to convene a group of jurists who would voluntarily provide for the asylum of the former president in some country from abroad.

Why spread this lie?

The idea of ​​Ciro would be - always in the case of arbitrary imprisonment - to bring Lula to a foreign embassy, ​​as a political prisoner, until he was given a fair trial, as provided by the international treaties to which Brazil is a signatory. action to seek humanitarian and legal aid in embassies has already occurred in numerous cases around the world and does not constitute kidnapping or complicity in anything). In this interview, given to the blog Diário do Centro do Mundo, the former governor clarifies the case:

Given the current polarization in the country, this news is spread with defamatory objectives, because there are journalists and groups that oscillate between trying to approach or play Ciro Gomes against other political leaders and their parties.

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