Ciro Gomes "is a drug user"?

Understand the context that originated the lie

This fake news has gained a lot of strength in recent years due to a tamper-evident and completely false photo.
It is not today that Ciro Gomes is the target of fake news. One of the oldest is that he is a drug user. This lie has already been reproduced in the press, in videos on the Internet or in posts on social networks. Ciro has denied vehemently several times and even publicly lamented having had to deal with this kind of family drama as a father.

Be wary of alarming and edited images

Ciro Gomes, in fact, smoked nicotine cigarettes for many years, as he remembers himself. Thus, there are records in old photos in which he appears smoking cigarette nicotine, and an absolutely natural photo of Ciro with that type of cigarette in his mouth has been edited to show a marijuana cigarette placed in place.

The fact is that the photo is false and the news that Ciro would be a drug user is absolutely a liar. Another fake news with the intention of attacking the talented politician of Ceará.

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