Ciro Gomes "received a bribe for the Transposition of the São Francisco River"?

Understand the context that originated the false news:

Chosen by Lula to command the Ministry of National Integration, Ciro Gomes had as objective to manage the infrastructure tasks, especially in the area of ​​water resources, with special attention to the project of transposition of the São Francisco (priority of Former President Lula), through its two axes (east and north). Ciro argued that the regions benefited do not have perennial rivers, and this justified transporting water to these places. He debated openly with several critics of the project, and one of the moments where this debate becomes more evident, is in an interview on TV Cultura's Roda Viva Program in February of 2005.

The false news says that Ciro was at the helm of the project during the first three years (2003-2006), when the basic project and environmental licensing were the subject of a national discussion and the first tenders were started and, as a result, the confrontations were stronger at that time. The news says that the tip referred to a facilitation for the OAS to win bids for project works. Let's see, then, the gains of OAS:

Attention to data and dates

If this is true, then it means that the company would have necessarily received in the period resources from the Ministry that were substantially larger than the supposedly spent (five million) tip. This is easily verifiable through consultation with the transparency portal of federal government expenditures that allows identifying the expenses per company within the different projects. Consultation with those favored by the integration program of the São Francisco River (East and North axes), starting from 2004, allowed us to identify that the payments to Construtora OAS Ltda (CNPJ: 14.310.577 / 0001-04) started only in 2009 with an amount of R $ 4, that is, three years after the departure of Cyrus from the ministry. There is, therefore, no explanation from Pinheiro about how Ciro could have facilitated OAS's entry into the San Francisco project in 2009, having been outside the Ministry of National Integration since 2006. Thus, a simple history of the project budget already easily demonstrates the fragility of the complaint.

Be wary of information sources like these

Léo Pinheiro's demarcation was marked by comings and goings of the prison and testimonies collected according to the pressures of the jet-laundering operation. Arrested in November of 2014, he was placed under house arrest in April of 2015, when he began to negotiate his accusation that accelerated in 2016 after being sentenced to 16 years in prison. Until then, his demarcation exempted Lula and his ministry of guilt. However, in August 4, the PGR suspended the leakage imprisonment involving the name of minister of the STF (Toffoli). Two weeks later, Léo Pinheiro was arrested again and in November his pen is increased in another ten years. From 2017, Léo Pinheiro completely changed his position and was adding in his delations names of the Lula Government, among which appears this accusation devoid of evidence against Cyrus. It is clear, then, that a deed obtained in this way must be regarded with due caution. After all, for the Republic of Curitiba may lack evidence, what is never lacking is conviction.

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