What happened between Ciro Gomes and the lady at the hospital?

Understand the context that gave rise to the false news
In the famous video made on the doorstep of a hospital in Ceará, from 2014, Ciro is talking to a woman who begins to make a speech about the resources used to hold the World Cup in Brazil.

Anyone who has seen the video can notice that when it starts, the conversation between Ciro Gomes and the lady in question is already underway and there is no way to know what was being said before.

Look for the versions on both sides

According to Ciro, the lady present in the video had started the conversation by asking about a treatment that her mother was supposed to be needing. Ciro listened to the lady, and continuing the subject, asked about the situation. It turns out that you did not want to give details about the case and quickly changed the discourse, starting to talk about the World Cup and directing generic critics to Ciro who, for the position he held at the time (Secretary of Health in Ceará) contained the means to take action on matters relating to the Football World Cup.

Since the video only shows the conversation already in progress, there is no way to know what was being said before, which makes the version of Ciro Gomes possibly true.

Ciro also recalled that this type of video is cut to take the situation out of the real context and it has been a constant tactic of his opponents to put people to provoke him and, as in the case of the hospital, cameras were already armed to film the reaction.


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