Ciro Gomes "is the 'sardine' from the Lava Jet list?

No, Ciro Gomes has not received a bribe and his name has never been linked to any illegal transfer on any Lava Jato list (delivered by Odebrecht).

The codenames "sardinha" and "comida" were passwords used by the minister of the Civil House, Eliseu Padilha (PMDB) in time to receive the contractor's gratuity.

Ciro Gomes "is the 'sardine' from the Lava Jet list?

So, where did the fake news come from?

On December 2017, Folha de São Paulo launched a story whose headline was "Odebrecht's Deliberation Does Not Explain 600 Codenames of the Illegal Onlending Sector" (link at the end). Because of the Awarded Deliberation Agreement, Odebrecht submitted to the Federal Supreme Court (STF) 2.300 lists with illegal repasses. The material has four thousand pages and runs from 2008 to 2014.

Folha said that in an Odebrecht spreadsheet, "Ciro" would be linked to the nickname "sardinha", but in this spreadsheet there is no other information related to any transfer (value of the tip, date and place of delivery of the money), as is common in all other spreadsheets. Folha's own story states: "it is not possible to find operations regarding the nicknames or clarifications about their inclusion in the document of the Structured Operations Sector (the 'tip' sector)"

Ciro Gomes "is the 'sardine' from the Lava Jet list?

In addition, there is a report from O Globo newspaper more than three months earlier (21/09/2017) in which a report from the Federal Prosecutor's Office and the Federal Supreme Court links Eliseu Padilha to three nicknames: "cousin", "fuck" and " bicuíra ". Each politician would have one or more passwords in the time to withdraw the money on the date and place indicated. Eliseu Padilha's passwords were "food" and "sardine".

See sources:
Folha de São Paulo
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