Is Ciro Gomes "macho"?

Around midnight, the charges against Ciro Gomes are found in the networks that he would be "macho". Exposed his passages by executives (prefecture of Fortaleza and government of Ceará), however, the affirmation does not maintain coherence. Ciro has always ensured a high level of female representation in the first level of her management, with significant numbers of female municipal and state secretaries, in years 1980 and 1990.

Understand the context that originated the lie

The adjective is usually accompanied by the mention of an episode of the year 2002, when Cyrus, then married to the actress Patrícia Pillar, made a sexist joke that concerned their relationship. Immediately, the former governor apologized, recognized the gaffe he had committed and moved on with the press conference that recorded the moment. Subsequently Ciro always acknowledged the error in making this joke and explained that this question was repeated to the exhaustion by the same journalists in all its press conferences during that campaign exactly to try to obtain of him a controversial declaration.

See what Patrícia Pillar and Marina Silva said

However, he had no pardon from his opponents, who linked the phrase to a supposed recurring behavior. Despite this, Patricia has already made public more than once since the incident and praised her ex-husband, stating that he is not macho and that is a picture of great value that was missing in the presidential debate of 2014. For 2018, he declared a vote on it.

In addition, certain sectors of the press once again tried to assign Ciro the label of macho when he described the national moment as one of "very testosterone and very aggressive" when commenting on the candidacy of the former senator and presidential candidate Marina Silva. Marina also denied that she saw any intention of reducing him by her gender and that she did not detect any offense to herself or to women in general. In addition, the Marina herself always refers to Cyrus with a lot of affection and respect.

Veja as fontes: – Ao perceber a gafe, enquanto os cerca de 20 jornalistas que estavam no local, entre repórteres e cinegrafistas, olhavam para Patrícia esperando sua reação, Ciro -visivelmente envergonhado- reformulou a resposta.
“Evidentemente eu estou brincando. Essa minha companheira tem uma longa tradição de manejar assuntos sociais, tem muita inteligência, muita sensibilidade”, afirmou o candidato.
“Tenho imensa satisfação de poder contar com as opiniões dela e com a militância dela, que tem sido muito generosa”, disse.

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