Ciro Gomes "has already been convicted of administrative impropriety"?

No, Ciro Gomes was not convicted of administrative impropriety.

Understand the context that originated the lie

In 2015, Ciro Gomes, along with others, was accused of administrative impropriety in a public civil action filed by the Federal Public Prosecutor's Office in Juazeiro do Norte.

According to the plaintiff, Attorney Celso Leal, the allegations were based on the alleged finding of irregularities in the implementation of the Emergency Medical Care System (SAMU), in the Cariri region, located in the state of Ceará, but the federal judge found no there were indications of impropriety and closed the case, that is, Cyrus did not even initiate the investigation because the understanding was that the accusation was not proceeding.

Why would they spread the lie?

Through false news, groups opposed to Ciro Gomes use this accusation in an attempt to smear the image of a figure who, in 38 years of public life, has never responded to any criminal inquiry. The news is false, because, as any citizen can consult, the process was extinguished by order of justice and, therefore, Cyrus was never condemned.

See sources:
The case number is 0800542-25.2015.4.05.8102 and the information can be verified on the Federal Justice website, through the link

See also Cyrus himself on the subject: 


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