Ciro Gomes "talked about printing money"?

Do not fall for the silly lie that Ciro Gomes aims to solve the problem of the economy by printing money.

Understand the context that originated the lie

The US is the owner of the currency that is the planet's value reserve (the dollar). They do print money because they can do it. The rest of the world forms a dollar savings and it is through this savings that the governments of these countries finance development and certain economic policies. So comparing what the American state did in the Roosevelt period with what Cyrus wants to do is rude because they are different things. There they can print, here this possibility does not exist.

See the real debate going on

What Cyiro mentioned was to issue a specific lot of debt, from 50 to 60 billion reais, convertible into debentures, then convertible into shares to redeem PETROBRAS 'investment plans. The other proposal is to use $ 2 billion of the country's $ 3 billion INTERNATIONAL RESERVES today to rearrange the national business sector accounts that are strangled and owed to the national banks.

In his words:

"It sets aside 50 billions of dollars, lodges in the BRICS, or opens a sovereign fund, and lends international interest, with hedge on the company's behalf with maturity guarantees and consolidates the exchange of internal debt for external debt. What will happen to Brazilian interest? They fall. They will kill me when I propose this, because the biggest panic the banker has is that you pay the debt.

And why does he mention swapping this internal debt for external debt?
Due to the simple fact that Brazilian interest rates are one of the largest in the world, while in the major developed countries interest rates are negative or at most 1,75% per year.

In short, Ciro Gomes can be classified as a center-left politician. If someone comes one day with the chat that Ciro Gomes is Socialist, Communist, Bolivarian and related, explain in all calm of the world that this person is completely wrong.

This fake news has been spread by groups known as neoliberals and neoconservatives, which make an erroneous association between economic ideas called "Keynesianism" and the printing of money. I think it has now become clear that there is nothing to print money, and that this is a false association created by people who maintains a certain economic ideology that does not benefit the country.

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