Ciro Gomes "declared war on Catholics and called Jesus 'avenging angel'"?

Understand the context that originated the lie:

The passage that gave rise to this lie was taken from a talk by Ciro Gomes to Brazil Forum UK in Oxford on May 2017. The malicious author took a cut from Cyrus' response and removed it from context to give the impression that the speech would be a critique of Catholicism or the religious formation of the population.

In what has actually occurred, we can see that Ciro explains that in countries of Lutheran formation economic power tends to be accepted more naturally by society. For this reason, in the US, instead of trying to prohibit the participation of economic power in the political process, they have chosen to regulate this practice and provide transparency, for example, by informing the public how each candidate is funded.

Ciro goes on to explain and affirms that already Catholic-based societies tend to repudiate the approximation of politics and economic power. For example, the judiciary incorporated this idea by trying to exclude business funding and determine that only individuals could participate in electoral financing. The practical consequence of this was the increase in the cash (0) (resources obtained outside the registries) and the favoring of rich candidates with the possibility of "self-financing". That is, Ciro was demonstrating his view that the attempt to deny the participation of economic power in politics only made the electoral process more unfair and obscure.

But where did they get the false news from?

The reference made by Cyrus to the "avenging angel" has no connotation of religious criticism. He said this only as a metaphor to show that there is no electoral system that overrides the influence of economic power on politics and that replaces the need for politicization and awareness of people.

Why spread this lie?

With the reach that Ciro Gomes's ideas have gained, there may be groups spreading false news like those who want to push him away from religiously-straying populations while trying to force the bar to bring other political leaders together.

"Gentle is the bread of lies to a man, but afterward his mouth shall be full of gravel." Proverbs 20:17

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