Ciro Gomes pledged pardon to Lula?

This fake news was announced by the pre-candidate Jair Bolsonaro in the Young Pan program (22 / 05).

Understand the context of false news

Ciro answered a few times to this question, always affirming that one can not pardon or promise pardon to someone who claims innocent and is still far from his last recursal instance. Former President Lula has been convicted on second instance, but he has two more instances to seek his acquittal.

In addition to Ciro, the PT himself and Lula refuse the idea of ​​discussing a pardon to Lula, who, at that moment, seeks redress of his sentence in the appropriate appeals.

Ciro's position on pardon during an event at the Brazilian Chamber of Commerce in Sweden was reported on BBC Brazil, the pre-candidate would have said pardon would be "crazy":

Be wary of anyone who spreads

At the moment of high polarization of politics, who would be interested to spread the news that Ciro Gomes promised something like this, especially when we know the rejection and popular outcry caused by the figure of former President Lula?

BBC Brazil


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