Ciro Gomes "has never done anything good for Brazil"?

Who decides this is the people, so let's go to the facts.

View details of when Ciro Gomes was governor:
When he finished his term as governor of Ceará, on 1994, Ciro Gomes left office with 74% approval in the state! This is already a great example to show how Ciro did, yes, relevant and good initiatives in the position that he was prepared to assume. In addition, there are several others that can be cited.

Other key initiatives:

On 1993, Ciro Gomes, as Governor of Ceará, delivered {{{{}}} an artificial channel of 120 km in 90 days to secure the threatened water supply of the Fortaleza metropolitan area called the "Worker's Channel".

On 1994, Ciro was invited by then-President Itamar Franco to replace Rubens Ricupero in the finance ministry and take over the Real Plan in a critical situation. As a minister, he was aware that the same diseases that killed earlier stabilization plans were once again threatening a new Brazilian currency. Ciro took measures to combat goodwill and aimed to prevent the explosion of inflation due to the high demand that the domestic product was not able to cover.

On 2003, after being a presidential candidate in the first round and supporting Lula in the second, he was invited to head the Ministry of National Integration. He accepted the invitation, despite the reluctance of his party at the time (PPS) that went to the opposition. As minister, he commanded the project of the Transposition of the São Francisco River, when he faced the most adverse opponents: environmentalists and several powerful interests opposed to the work.

On 2006, after giving up a presidential candidacy, he accepted to be a federal deputy for his party (PSB) and composed a progressive bloc with which he pressed measures that considered "harmful" to the greater interest of the country, despite being a government. An example of this was his stance against certain Refis that the federal government intended to approve and which in their final forms more aided large business owners than micro and small indebted entrepreneurs.

Why spread this lie?

The clashes that Ciro has made obviously generate reactions from those who fear justice. In 2009 and 2010, as in all his life, he denounced notorious corrupt ones whose faces would only be nationally known and distinguished from 2015, with the bursting of the crisis that Ciro also denounced to be close to before. Good examples are his denunciations and criticisms of Eduardo Cunha and Michel Temer, whom Ciro already accused of corruption and blackmail in exchange for support to the government.

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