Ciro Gomes "is against Lava Jet"?

No. On several occasions Ciro Gomes has already expressed his support for Lava Jato operation. It could be a turning point in the long history of impunity of the big and powerful in Brazil, because finally the Brazilian population saw some politicians, like Eduardo Cunha, and big businessmen being punished.

However, he also criticized the way the operation is conducted, for example: there is a great deal of speed in judging politicians from parties like the PT, while the same measures are not taken when PSDB politicians are involved.

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Another serious error is that many prosecutors and judges involved in the operation take measures that sometimes disregard the very order of legal proceedings; others are very mediatic, announcing their investigations, releasing audios and giving interviews when they should simply judge with sobriety. In addition, according to him, Lava Jato should not harm productive enterprises and important for the national economy, but rather arrest corrupt executives and anyone who commits illegalities.

Finally, it is important to remember that Ciro is one of the few active Brazilian politicians that has not even been the subject of an accusation in this operation that reaches part of the last twenty years of national political life. In addition, he never even responded to a corruption inquiry, not even to be acquitted, having been a state, federal, mayor, governor and minister twice.

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