Ciro Gomes "does not care about environmental issues"?

FALSE . Almost always seeking references in his possible electoral adversary, Marina Silva, Ciro Gomes has been quite hard against what he calls "diffuse environmentalism", however, his relationship with Marina as a colleague minister for the Environment has always been very good as she herself testifies . For him, the environmental proposal prevailing in Brazil today demonizes the reality of consumption, energy production and national economic demands. This is why Ciro tries to find solutions that can create common ground between environment and development.

Understand the context that originated the lie:

Ciro was Minister of National Integration in the first Lula government (2002 - 2006) and, as such, directly responsible for two important and controversial works: the construction of the Belo Monte hydroelectric plant and the transposition of the São Francisco river. In both, she faced diffuse interests represented in the figures of some environmentalists and confronted Marina Silva herself (at the time minister of the Environment), but executed the projects, and convinced much of the population that the works were pertinent and necessary - as indeed have been shown today.

Look for the placements that show the truth

In interviews and lectures, Ciro Gomes defends a change in the paradigm of consumption (which should be based not only on price, but on the environmental cost of marketed products), but points out: this is a slow transition that needs to undergo a change (more still slow) in the Brazilian economic model. He affirms that, currently, it is the agribusiness that has sustained the national economy and that, without a project of reindustrialization of the country (as he proposes), the pressure for expansion of the agricultural frontier will not cease, regardless of the ruler in power.

In a commodity-dependent economy (as is the case in Brazil today), the holes in the balance of payments will lead the country to increasingly stress its environment. This is an old concern that Ciro Gomes has. In the past, he was the first Speaker of the Legislative Assembly to set up an Environment Committee. In his already mentioned program of government, in 2002, Ciro Gomes proposed the optimization of the use of renewable energies (like alcohol, for example). "

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